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Welcome to the Public and Private Infrastructure Investment Management Center (PIMAC) at the KDI, a gatekeeper to public procurement and private infrastructure investment projects in Korea!
Originally established as an affiliated center of the KDI in 1999 in order to conduct the then newly-introduced Preliminary Feasibility Study (PFS) on large public investment, the PIMAC has expanded its mandate in 2005 to cover the role of appraisal and management of Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projects on infrastructure. Since then through excellent works, the PIMAC has successfully established itself as the leading national agency in the evaluation and management of public and private investment in Korea as well as a well-renowned global partner in the PPP management.

Currently, the PIMAC is regularly conducting project evaluations such as PFS and Re-assessment Study of Feasibility (RSF) on large public investments as well as Value for Money tests for PPP projects. Along with that, the PIMAC is also advising the Korean government in the areas of PPP project management and implementation by providing expert services. As a think-tank, the PIMAC is endeavoring to provide timely and policy-oriented research results, which can contribute to enhancing the efficiency of public and private investment, and maintaining networks with international organizations such as the World Bank and the IMF.

I hope that you can find useful information on the PIMACí»s homepage and look forward to having opportunities to work with you upon common interests.

Thank you.

Executive Director, Public and Private Infrastructure Investment Management Center
Kiwan, KIM

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